Language Zen

Language learning without frustration
Personalized to you

Explore your
Whether football or dress shopping, you can focus on what's important to you.
to you
We adapt to your learning style. You'll never waste time or become overwhelmed.
Learn from
You'll learn from real music and TV selected just for you.
Learn the things you're most likely to hear and use in real conversation.
We all care about different subjects
Explore your interests
We have a ton of specialized topics so you can dive into the things that are most relevant to you.
  • World travel
  • Fine dining
  • Backpacking as a way of life
  • More courses
An adaptive learning system
Adapts to you
The program totally adapts to your learning style. No two users have the same experience. If you come in knowing the language we'll keep up with you. If you learn more slowly, we help you with the specific things that are giving you trouble.
The system gets smarter the more you use it. If you learn something through a song or a special course it will carry over to the rest of the system.
Culture and music are central to language learning
Learn from music
With Language Zen, you can learn from real music. When we see you know most of the words in a song we'll recommend it. You can also dive into a song you like with our special vocabulary for songs. This means that you can learn from real music and actually understand it from day one!
  • Jarabe de Palo - Agua
  • Tito El Bambino - El amor
  • Aventura - El desprecio
  • Discover music while learning
Practical learning to get fluent
Super practical
We data-mined tens of thousands of TV transcripts to see which words and phrases are used most often in the real world. We teach you the things you're most likely to actually hear and say in real life. No more 'donde esta la biblioteca'
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