Language Zen

What do you do that's special?

We're the first language learning program that adapts to every user. Other programs put you on the same linear path as every other user. But there is no average user. You're unique. We dynamically select content based on your personal interests and proficiencies.

We also let you learn from real music that overlaps with your vocabulary and we introduce you to new words by how often they're actually used in the real world.

What languages do you offer?

Our first course is Spanish for English speakers and our second will be English for Spanish speakers. If there's a language you'd like to see, please let us know as we'll continue to roll out several new languages a year.

How much does it cost?

We have a subscription option but you can continue using Language Zen as a free user and continue your progress whether you subscribe or not. However, as a free user the time you can learn each day will be limited and you might see ads.

What type of Spanish do you teach?

We focus on Latin American Spanish. However, we will be adding Peninsular Spanish material in the future.

Do you partner with schools?

We do partner with schools and other brick and mortar learning institutions. We love working with organizations.